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In the world of electric bikes, one expects to see an eBike which comes with pedals to power your bike when it is not using battery power to propel you along to your destination. In the area of on demand electric bikes, there are a number which do not have pedals to move you along when the battery runs down. Purists might say that this is not an electric bike, but the reality is they have been categorized as such. In that area, we have seen the YikeBike as one that has been around for a few years and is seen around the world. It is an interesting electric bike.

The YikeBike has been in the media for years and winning design awards. But, it is 2013 when it has been in the news here in the US. This strange looking eBike has caught everyone’s attention and is sure to have people gathering around asking what it is. The strange appearance of this new mode of transportation has created a stir and made people look at the electric bike as an alternative. The biggest thing that you notice is the placement of the handle bars for this. With them being behind you, it would seem rather awkward, but fits in with the design of the eBike and the ability to fold it up to carry. With the YikeBike, there are obviously some things that one would want to know.

The YikeBike can travel 8.7 miles before it will need a charge. One can assume that this is traveling on level ground. There are accessories where you can extend the battery life. The recharge time is 4 hours, but there is a fast charger, as an accessory, available which will drop that to about 90 minutes. The top speed is 23 kph (14.29 mph. It can easily be carried and comes in 3 different models. The Carbon weighs about 11.2 kg (24.7 pounds), the Synergy weighs about 12.6 kg (27 pounds) and the Fusion weighs about 14 kg (30.8 pounds). All of the models are light enough for you to carry and place under your desk at work where you can charge it back up for the trip home.


There are built in lights for riding at night and includes turn indicators. So much is included in the product and you might now be wondering how much it costs to get one. There are location in most countries where you can purchase your very own YikeBike. There are three different models and with the standard black color, the Fusion is $1,995, the Synergy is $2,995 and the Carbon is $3,995. The more expensive the YikeBike, the stronger) the materials are. The comparison page should give you the information that you might want to know.

User manuals for products are often a wealth of information and can help in making a decision as to whether to purchase a product. The YikeBike User Manual has some interesting information in it. The first one I saw was “Do not go down hills on a fully charged battery, please refer to page 4 for more details”. The reason for this is that when going downhill, the battery is being charged. You do not want to overcharge the battery. Another that I read was “Never use the YikeBike on steep hills (over 5 degrees) and only go slowly downhill”. Sounds like the motor will not power you up a hill that steep. You can read all the warnings for the YikeBike for yourself.

This is an eBike that has received a number of design awards over the past few years and one that is worth investigating.



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