Technical Service and assistance for YIKEBIKE

Most of the customers are scared about the Technical Support and Service of a Yikebike, But let me inform you that no one have to be worried about that !!! The mechanics of the yikebike its very simple, there are a few componentes, mainly electrics, and all of them are "Plug And Play".

We have the best trained technical staff around the word, Based in USA ,and we are giving technical assistance for the last 5 years, to customers located all around the world! with the complete knowledge of the product !

All the repairs and manteinance , could be done by the owner, with only 3 or 4 tools, fast and reliable, with receiving parts form us , and all the step by step instructions by email or video !

Our team will be always more than happy to assist you !

Get your Yikebike at the best worldwide price.. Original New Zealand assembled ... starting at 1.995 USD

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YikeBike America
YikeBike America